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Services and Projects

Education. Excellence. Equity. Economic Mobility.

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Education Consulting and Coaching

Experience and Expertise

Dean's List Consulting focuses on the following areas:

  • High Expertise Teaching

  • Curriculum Alignment

  • Leadership Development

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Data Driven Decision Making & Continuous Improvement

  • Whole Child Policy & Program Implementation

  • Two Generation Policy & Program Implementation

  • Early Childhood Policy & Programming

IntellectEOTR™ & The GREATER Collective™

Shaping the Counternarrative and Communities

IntellectEOTR ™ : A new narrative 

You have heard of the other side of the tracks. But in the nation's capital, we call the other side - East of the River (EOTR).  It is the largely where the underserved and marginalize live. IntellectEOTR™ is an initiative to dispel the myth that these communities of devoid of great thought and that the people who live there do not value learning or ideas.  These series of thought events will help write a new narrative, a counter narrative about the intellectual capital of people who live as other.


The GREATER Collective ™: The sum is always greater than its parts

The GREATER Collective™ recognizes that the city of Detroit is in a process of rebirth.  Learning from other major cities that have undergone similar processes, long-term residents have been locked out of the economic progress of those jurisdictions.  Therefore, The GREATER Project™ has a unique opportunity to create a rebirth of the Davison Corridor in a manner that provides wealth building for its long-term residents by utilizing strategic economic participation and community wealth building strategies.

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Policy & Practice:
Whole Child,
Two Generation,
Health Equity,
Economic Mobility, and 

Community Wealth Building 

A Comprehensive Approach

Every child deserves schools that are:

o   Healthy 

o   Safe 

o   Engaged 

o   Supported 

o   Challenged 

Every family needs the opportunity for economic mobility by:

o   Accruing Social Capital​

o   Experiencing Health & Wellness

o   Building Economic Assets

o   Providing Education & Employment Pathways

o   Living in Safe & Healthy Communities 


Every community merits opportunities to build wealth through policies, laws and governance that supports the social and structural determinants of health (SSDOH):

o   Education Access and Quality

o   Health Care and Quality

o   Neighborhood and Built Environment

o   Social and Community Context

o   Economic Stability

Strategic and Project Management Support for Non Profits and Social Entrepreneurs

Deliberative Advisement and Skilled Guidance

We provide full-service management consulting services that strategically shapes the future of our world by building organizational and leadership capacity.

Every member of the Strategic Consulting Partners team knows that organizational success begins with the right planning process, one that includes engaging with leadership teams as well as with internal and external key stakeholders – including staff, boards of directors, partners, funding sources and others – and diving deep to gather data, elicit opinions, understand pain points, assess operating environments, and set goals and objectives.

Sharing Ideas

Do you need help making important decisions?

Contact me today and let Dean's List Consulting support your journey.

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